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Work for a Cause. Build a Strong Future
Realizing the need to make these unique services available across the country, Inhibeo is promoted as a business opportunity through associating. Apart from creating strong entrepreneurs INHIBEO has also provided a means for employment for thousands of people across the country through its wide spread associate network, apart from fulfilling its social obligation towards society.

Minimum Experience & Qualifications
The prospective associate should preferably have prior experience in industry or service with focus on water management. At least one person in a team of four should have minimum technical qualifications.

Minimum Financial Qualifications
The start the association you should having investment capacity of 15-20 lacs depending upon the category. In addition, you should be able to invest in vehicle, laptop, DVD player and office setting up cost.

Initial Setup includes

  • Quick Start Training Program
  • Product Kit
  • Video Demonstration Film
  • Proprietary equipment & tools
  • Customized Presentation
  • Assistance in Printing materials, stationery and business cards
  • Advertising & Marketing support
  • Personalized Inhibeo email address