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Compact Treatment Plant

Inhibeo provides the newly developed compact treatment plant technology for both sewage/effluent water treatment & drinking water treatment.

  • Compact Sewage/effluent water treatment plant
  • Compact drinking water treatment plant


Compact treatment plant is specially designed & developed for industries, housing board, colonies, hospitals, malls etc. Its is a compact treatment plant which is made at our end as per the requirement and can be installed directly at the location. It is small in size and easy to operate with low maintenance cost.

Inhibeo’s Compact Sewage Treatment Plants for inland applications have been designed for gravity or pumping treatment of domestic sewage and built to be installed on the surface. These plants carry out the sewage treatment by biological means. The Plants are of the Activated Sludge Process without requiring any other kind of dosing or additivation.

The Plant is single built in a closed module which has different chambers have been arranged, facilitating their transport and installation. Every chamber has been provided with the necessary access and inspection registers.

This modular construction allows the increase of the processing capacity by placing more Plants in parallel. The air diffusers responsible for the oxygenation and agitation of the Sewage. The Plants are supplied fully pre-assembled and tested, so that they can be installed in their definite location in one day.


No Odour Generation
Inside and Outer protection: epoxy paint
Aeration system composed by a Blower, an air supply pipe, Fine bubble diffusers
and an air relief valve
Automatic sludge recirculation system
Access and inspection registers in every chamber
Packaged and transportable plant
Suitable for remote locations
Permanent and mobile installation
Designed to the required capacity