save water

Save Water

Reduce leaks in the supply system

More than 20% of the water produced is lost due to leaks in the water networks of many of the world's cities. This water returns to the natural environment before even reaching its final destination. For this reason, Inhibeo has developed expertise in reducing network water losses and improving yields, which we make available to the public authorities that contract their water and wastewater services to us. Various leak detection methods (acoustic localization in particular) are used to establish action plans: rehabilitation by lining or sheathing, pipe replacement, etc.

Manage consumption

Inhibeo constantly innovates to provide our customers with the means to assess the precise quantity of water they consume and to manage their consumption. In the past 20 years, we have acquired extensive expertise in individual water meters. Constantly seeking to improve our services, we are making headway towards intelligent metering and can now provide remote meter-reading services. With this technology, consumers can be immediately alerted to a leak and track their consumption via the Internet. To provide consumers with a better understanding of their water service, Inhibeo provides them with advice and useful information.